Operational Plan

Human Scale Printers proposes to set up another branch at the region where it is granted the tender or subsequently at the closest destination to a number of regions, if it is granted a number of tenders at the different regions.

The main purpose of this branch will be to service the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government Institutions within the prescribed Region(s) and thus also looking at other opportunities in providing service to the rest of the business environment within the Region(s), thus subsequently providing employment and skills transfer to the surrounding communities.

The Cost of Printing

Costing & estimating prices of our printing is done by a qualified, professional Estimating Manager.
Despite the use of well known quality, printing brands, our prices remain competitively reasonable and affordable and we supply our customers with quotation free of charge.


Due to constant competition in the Printing Industry, Human Scale Printers has maintained a high level of quality, reasonable prices and on time delivery for our bona-fide customers. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by delivering exceptional service .
The above criteria is used to attract and maintain our new customers.

Other Services Offered

More than supplying printing, Human Scale Printers has played an important part in offering students Apprenticeship in the past few years.
We have offered this service to students from the South African Printing College and Umlazi Technical College.

A dynamic and technological printing company invests in the literacy and updating of the semi-skilled and skilled labourers. In plant training is conducted, e.g. a person who started working using a manual perforator and numbering machine is now operating a perforating and numbering machine.