Human Scale Printers is able to offer its customers a wide range of services, from Design to Finishing. Most of the work is completed in-house, from our Desk Top Publishing Department to latest Plate technology, Printing and finally the perfect binding, stitching and punching.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop publishing makes it possible for us to bring the entire production of a logo, newsletter, magazine or brochure in-house. How dull and grey our world would be without colour!
We can design type, improve photographs, manipulate images, add colour and texture, then bring all the components together including text to produce positives ready for plate making on the latest Graphic Designing programmes. producing dynamic designs that cater for the customers every needs.

Litho Printing
Success of this department lies in the professional manner in which this department is supervised. Our qualified machine-minders utilise the printing equipment to produce high quality work.

Due to the fact that South Africa is slowly becoming a third-world country with problems such as telecommunications, purchase of spare parts for latest technology equipment can become a real problem. Therefore decisions by management members on purchasing of machinery has been based on the tested and proven theory that second hand machinery produces cost effective printing, at the same time aspiring to have the best equipment that they can afford, knowing that it equates to quality work. And quality is something Human Scale has always been striving for.

The Litho printing industry works hand in hand with advertising companies. This also plays an important part in producing high quality products. These products stand a better chance in self advertising. Customers seek services that offer full colour printing, that boosts a documents power to inform and persuade the reader.
Human Scale Printers success is based on the following factors:
Skill and Expertise of staff which give them the advantage of knowing both the customers, trends in the market place and the knowledge to stay abreast of both. Commitment to customer service. As we see it, anyone can supply printing, but quality, expertise and service is our bottom line and these are the deciding factors when someone is looking for a supplier. Dedication to quality includes strict control of customer service, product availability, on-time delivery, communication and technical backup.

These efforts are aimed at 100% customer satisfaction. But the true key to Human Scales success is not a single strength, but the amalgamation of all the above factors.